13 things you can do freely in Barcelona

13 things you can do freely in Barcelona

Barcelona has the capability to handle the self-indulgent voracious vultures of culture and happy gourmands for weeks, but all the entrant fees and the tapa bills can become enormous. Fortunately, help is near in many ways to make your budget for the holiday stretch a little further. In addition to the video features views below, you can save by investing in the T10 transport card, which can allow you to travel ten times in the city, on any public transportation.

1. Observe the right El Raval Without the influence and historical neighboring Berri Gòtic, but the network of lively streets surrounding El Raval is home to character cast including artists, punks, backpackers, students and more. There are many bars and cool vintage clothes, not to mention large MACBA (Museu d'Art Comtemporani of Barcelona, as impressive within and without.

2. plan your visit to the festival If you are here in late September, never miss the five days' testicles of Mercy (Festes de la Merce), which brings life to the city. And concert video, dance, fireworks, acrobatic and correfocs. Or try to show in the summer semester MaJor de Gracia, best known for its decorated street competition, but the process is full of free open-air concerts.

3. Counter to La Rambla It is undoubtedly an essential experience ambling along this 1-kilometer walkway in Barcelona, but it's blatantly touristy. Decorated with the history of royal buildings, La Rambla is a great place to walk, especially if the time is right - in the cold early morning.

4. Check the Mercat de la Boqueria The indoor market is famous for his colorful explosion of fruits, seafood, vegetables, rows and rows of Ramon and other fabulous butchers' displays. "There are tapas bars, stalls, and pizza, and you can try all products before buying.

5. The museums are free on Sundays Other museums in the city management (including the Picasso Museum, MUHBA) are free on Sunday afternoon, 15: 00-20: 00. Others were freely given a particular day of the month, usually on the first Wednesday or Sunday - searching each website for details.

6. admire modernism buildings Although many of the architectural treasures of Barcelona require admission fees to see inside, more impressive facades can be viewed for free. Gaudi's Magnum Opus, La Sagrada Familia-as, for example, or three examples of modernism sitting side by side on Passeig de Gracia - Casa Lleó Morera, Ametller House, and Casa Batllo Gaudi.

7. Take a look at Joan Miró's community arts The collections of the only favorite Barcelona local artist, Joan Miró based in Fundació is worth paying for, but there are fantastic carved works by Miró that one can see around the town for free. Parc de Joan Miró house 22 meters long his woman and bird sculpture covered with colored tiles rising graciously from the pool. Also, there is Miró mosaic in the middle of the Rambla and shown on the outer side wall of Terminal 2 at the airport runway.

8. Visit independentism cradle One of the newest Barcelona attractions is Born Cultural Center, a dazzling market building that has at its centerpiece the remains of many buildings burned by the Philip V forces after the 1714 siege. For most Catalans and the event marks the beginning of the desire for separation. It's a location filled with emotions.

9. Be impressed by La Cathedral At the heart of the Gothic Quarter, great Gothic Cathedral is as interesting outside and inside. With free access both in the morning and afternoon makes it more interesting to look inside and see their high domed ceilings cloisters and courtyard palms, an orange and white gaggle of geese resident.

10. enjoying the sea Barcelona has beaches that are excellent and perfect for relaxing foot bones after a day of sightseeing. The most famous of the beaches is Barceloneta, and it's beautiful sweep of sand with golden color and restaurant backed with promenade. Something a little crowded, go north in the Fòrum zone.

11. miss your way at Berri Gòtic Lost in a maze of cobblestone streets full of bars and quirky shops and leave quietly plates during the medieval Berri Gothic air. With time, it is almost certain you will come out at La Rambla or Via La Lai et Ana, flanking on one side of the room.

12. sniff out free music, dance, and art There are always some free cultural events happening around town, be it jazz in the park, reading a poem or workshops for children.

13. walk around the Plaça Reial In the arcades of Plaça, you will remember the modest version of the square of St Mark's in Venice, look out for first work of Gaudí commissioned for the city - a few lampposts indicating the serpent with dragon headed, leading to a helmet with wings.