Beer in Barcelona

Beer in Barcelona

The Roman City, Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia in Spain. Barcelona has traditional importance and had major fashion centers. The People of Barcelona many times attempted to change capital as a fashion capital. Barcelona is named for its entertainment too.

Barcelona is said for its vibrant and various bar - hopping. In many countries bars and pubs are set separately. One should feel like having a beer in forest wood along with watching the images of the Virgin Mary. Just remember not to enter the bars before 9.30; it is the time for the tourists to visit the bars. The actual enjoyment begins in the midnight in the bars. The People in Barcelona start their nights with drinks and see the vintage in the sunshine.

Tapas tours Tapas tour is famous for its cuisine and drinks. Visitors in Barcelona, confidently move out in the evening and order for the Tapas just like the local people. The people of Barcelona are habituated to taste the tapas regularly. Tapas tour is a short tour through the city by foot and explores some of the famous bars around

La Rambla. Barcelona is famous for bar hopping and for tapas hotspots. For any reason one doesn't have a tapas tradition nothing to worry, they can visit La Plata, where you can enjoy the fried fish, salad and sausage. Nothing to worry if it doesn't work out for anyone, there is Bar Celta, which is specialized with Galician tapas which includes gammon and octopus.

Grape Expectations La Vinya del Senyor is the oldest bar, facing to that is Santa Maria del Mar Church. The oldest bar is more lively and excited because the bar is on the terrace, so naturally the beer drinkers likes to have beer on the terrace and they feel lucky if they get a table in the upstairs. As the demand is increasing many new bars were coming to meet the demand with special attractions. The Technology showed its importance in booking even the bar tables. People are intimidated for the technology. The wine drinkers always need the delicious, very spicy cuisine because of the wine's bitter taste. Viblioteca is the best suitable place for the wine drinkers to accompany the wine with spicy cuisine.

Budget bars There are budget bars. Oviso is the best budget bar with your selected options and many colorful murals and had a facility of outdoor tables. Polaroid is best suitable for senior citizens with having a facility of comic papering and with pictures of film memorabilia on the walls. The Manchester , the name itself indicates this bar supply Manchester bands. This is a small bar and supplier of cheap beer. Barcelona is also in the line of eccentric. Sor Rita is famous for its attractations. The drinkers likes the pictures of the Virgin Mary and plenty of leopard skin. If one like to drink the wine with sandwiches they can step in Can Paixano to taste Pink Cava which is served in coupe glasses. Hay if you want the wine in Forest of Fairies just walk into the Bosc de les Fades to watch the indoor forest which is dotted with dim light and arm chairs and with trickling indoor fountains. The city has the oldest cocktail bars too. Boadas bar is the oldest bar, which is running since 1933.

After -hours One will feel free to enter the midnight bars. These bars are opened after the other bars are closed. The wine drinkers feel lucky enough to have after hours bars like Barcelona Pipa Club All the wine drinkers search their way to the bars regularly. The power of wine has that much strength to follow the people.

Taking alcohol regularly is not good for health so be sensible drinking.