Europe and its unique places for tourists

Europe and its unique places for tourists

Europe is a place which is on the top list of most of the tourist. It has so many places presents which are unique in themselves. So if you know a person planning a trip to Europe in 2019, then these cities can be the most vibrant to visit.

1) Rome - It is an eternal city with a little history known. It is a great place for the tourist as it has the mysterious Vatican City and the ghosts in colosseum. It has variety as climbing on the mountain top of St. Peter basilica, enjoying Sunday morning shopping at Porta portese. It is a great place with lots of food options also there to enjoy.

2) Paris - it is a place which has one of the things from Seven Wonders of the World i.e. Eiffel tower. Apart from it, the place is filled with museums, monuments, and churches to enjoy and roam around. The sidewalk café are also the thing that attracts and are enjoyed by the people.

3) London - the place loved by most and is also the center for studies as has many colleges present here. But when it comes to exploring the things around the British museum, tower of London and music at Leicester square are the most visited place. The gorging at the local pub on fish and chips is also part of it. It is a little expensive place but is worth visit place in Europe.

4) Florence - among all the places it is the most authentic place in Italy. It is a place for renowned museums, places with stunning architecture and then moth watering cuisine. But the thing which can't be neglected is the admiring Michelangelo David and the mountain top of Duomo.

5) Barcelona - This city has a lot of variant in it and collection of old and new architecture. The things which should be seen are Gaudi's parc guell, la sagrada Familia, La seu and Montjuic castle. And if a person is not interested in roaming around these places then one can also rest on the beach and enjoy the food there.

6) Amsterdam - it is the place for visitors to relax and enjoy. The thing which is most enjoyed here is the coffee shop. The most common activity which is enjoyed in this place by both locals and visitors is bike ride and stylish galleries. They are so much wonderful that they attract people to come here again and again.

7) Prague - it is a place which looks alike the fairy tale and is the place of most attraction for people of all ages. The music that is loved by people here is contagious and is a great place compared to other captivating European destinations.

8) Berlin - it offers the visitor the lesson of history with holocaust memorial and remnants of cold war. It has a lot of urban charm in itself along with the fabulous nightlife, cuisine, fashion that makes the trend and the modern museum.

9) Venice - it is a romantic place to visit with rides down the grand canal. Though it is the city of water and romance but all kind of people can come here as there are things for their enjoyment too. this city has a lot of theaters, historical sites, churches and lot of eatables

10) Vienna - the city of music and monarchs with palaces present in there. It is also a great place for the people who love art and there is also a museum of modern art.

11) Monaco - the place of wealth and youngsters as it has a casino for the visitors to enjoy and bet their money. It is a great place for enjoyment.

12) Madrid - it is a place which is cheap and easy for navigation. If a person is interested in knowing the local culture, then this place can teach you the same.

13) Istanbul - it is such a part of Europe that did not completely in Europe but has its half in Asia too. It is the place which can tell you about your ability to bargain in grand bazaar.

Thus, Europe comprises of such great cities which different things present at different places for people to enjoy. It is a complete package if one wants to travel and enjoy the events.