Facts About Sagrada Familia Church

Facts About Sagrada Familia Church

Are you visiting Barcelona? Have a glance at La Sagrada Familia Church. Along with the awesome beauty of the building Architecture , look at its engrossing construction time.

Hey, how interesting to hear this, The Sagrada Familia Church is the oldest, and it has been constructing since 1882and the architects are anticipating to complete the Church by 2028. The Basilica and Expiatory Church, which was designed by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. This church was located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. A bookseller named Josep Maria Bocabella, was inspired after his visit to the Vatican City in the year 1872 and intended to build a church at Loreto. He began his work on an auspicious day that was on the festival of St. Joseph and with the raised funds he completed the apse( in architecture, the semi dome structure is a place for clergy's to sit.)Later Antoni Gaudi started his work and he was appointed as an Architect Director.

Engrossing Facts about the La Sagrada Familia Church:

Tourist place in Barcelona. The La Sagrada Familia church is 170 meters high (560ft) Every year, nearly three million people visit this church. One can see the three portals on the exterior appearance. The portals of Mercy, Faith and Hope. Along with the three portals one can see the tribute paid by Gaudi to the people who sacrificed their lives for this church. The awesome fact about this church is, the longer time to complete that is more than a century. History says that pyramids are time consuming, and nearly they take 20 years to complete.But Sagrada Familia Church is more time consuming than the pyramids, and Great Wall of China. The architecture designed this church on the swirling curves to appear naturally. One can see trees like structures, inside the church as the architecture shaped the supporting pillars as trees.

The architect to signify land and water, Gaudi shaped a turtle and a tortoise. In the year 1936, The La Sagrada Familia Church was set fire by the revolutionaries and the whole crypt was destroyed (where all the models and plans were saved). Fortunately, with the few saved models the construction was again started. The architect Gaudi developed latest techniques and taken all natural, geothermal, living , non living and unique objects to shape his church. He designed all the helicoidal columns with stars and its orbit. To facilitate the seafarers the Gaudi arranged all the highest points with glass mosaics which will reflect by the sun's rays in the daytime and moonlight in the night time.

The pretty amazing fact that there was a school in that church. Gaudi named that place as The Sagrada Familia School. The architect to facilitate the workers' children he started this school. Now in that school building there is an exhibition on the history of La Sargrada Familia.

Right now the La Sagrada Familia is having 8 towers, but when it will complete it will have 18 towers. Each tower has its own significance. A Major portion of the towers 12 out of 18 represent apostles, remaining towers will represent evangelists, Virgin Mary and the middle tower represent Jesus Christ. To pay the tribute Antoni Gaudi was buried in the La Sagrada Familia.