Historical Treasures in Romania

Historical Treasures in Romania

Hold your heart to reach the heart of Romania, The home of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Read about the mind blowing facts which no one had ever heard. Originally, Transylvania has its own history where one has to dare to explore the facts. Transylvania is filled with castles which had terrifying character Vlad the Impaler, the real life Dracula.

The son of the Dragon, Vlad II, who is well known for his cruelty and blood thirst was real Dracula, who was named under Bram Stoker's Vampire he who was inspired and acted accordingly. It is out of our expectations that Vlad is responsible for the fatality of more than 80,000 human creatures.

If you want to enter the world of Dracula, just visit Bran Castle, that takes you directly to the horrifying Dracula's home where you feel as if you are in trance. A national monument and which is the landmark in Romania is Bran Castle. This Castle is near Bran which is near Brasov.

The amazing architecture, art and culture a mixture of Bran Castle makes the tourists a compulsory spot to be adventurous and to explore the facts. Tourists call Bran Castle as Dracula's Castle, but it is not true. The outer appearance of the Bran Castle looks like The Dracula's Castle it was because of its description given in the Bram Stoker's novel like that. Not only the Romanians, but even the tourists also call it as The Dracula's Castle.

Transylvania is a place which is filled with splendid hairpin mountain peaks of the Carpathians , the frozen lakes, and towers with snowmobiling on the lakes, the nature lovers draw their attention to visit this Romania's central region. Brasov is the Transylvania's most important tourist place which is overloaded with the Bohemian atmosphere. The visit to Brasov gives everybody an enthusiastic and majestic adventurous travel expedition enjoyment. So never loose that enjoyment, instead plan for the adventure trip.

The ruler of Wallachia in the year 1476, named as Dracula for his fictitious character because of some political reasons and some historians named the ruler as blood-thrist for his actions against the people. Bram Stoker, used the imaginary depiction of Dracula's Castle by illustrating the Bran Castle. This made the Bran Castle to get the name as Dracula's Castle. The ruler of the Walachia, involved in campaigns and punished the merchants of Brasov.

History says that in the year 1212, Teutonic Knights used to build wooden castles as the entrance to the mountain ranges. (The Christian members who provide the aid to their pilgrimages for the holy land visitors are known as Teutonic Knights). Later it became a custom post for the travelers who pass through the mountain ranges. In the year 1920 Bran Castle became a residence and an impressive home for Queen Maria, later it was inherited by her daughter Princess IIeana. Princess IIeana used this castle as a hospital during the World War II. Later The Bran Castle was seized by the communist regime. The Romanian government passed a special law allowing restitution claims and after a year it was given to the heir and son of Princess IIeana. Later, some investigation committees investigated and finalized the matter and at last, in the year 2009, finally the administration was transferred from the government to Archduke Dominic and his sisters.

Habsburgs in the year 2009, opened a museum in the refurbish castle to facilitate the tourists and to safeguard the tourist circuit and the economic base in Romania. Until a half century ago, There is a belief in the nearby villages of Bran that there is existence of ghosts or steregoi. These ghosts haunt the normal people in the night time during their sleep, not in the day time. The people of Bran believed that these ghosts catch their prey in the midnight.

Bran Castle visitors have to make a clear distinction about the historical reality and character of Dracula in Bram Stoker's novel before visiting the Castle.

True Spanish Culture Experience

True Spanish Culture Experience

Barcelona being one of the world's most visited cities, it welcomes nearly 27 million people every year as tourists. The city has the total population of 1.6 million which means the city hosts exactly double of its population every month on an average. By this, one can assume the city's popularity amongst travelers. Though Barcelona actually is a beautiful place to stay there are some people who want to pickpocket so you need to be careful with your belongings and that is a big hindrance of the city. But, still are the situations one can enjoy the vacations to the fullest here.

Continual fooding Most of the travelers come to Barcelona for its tapas scene, but there are numerous good essence places where one can seek info about the foods they are eating. One can know how and where these eatables come from. Check out the 'slow food' restaurants, they deal between the radius of 100km with local suppliers and utilize seasonal ingredients only. The Flax & Kale, a split-level restaurant opened in August 2014, hosts 80 percent plant-based dishes and the remaining 20 percent contains oily fish. The only place to propound cold pressed juices in Barcelona, it offers a vegan and vegetarian menu too. Both the menus provide utterly delicious yet healthy dishes presented with a Michelin class dining. One should try Barcelona's raw vegan lasagne for sure to enjoy its loveable eating.

The Summum Restaurant & Bar of Alimara, a 4-star Hotel of Barcelona is a good choice for tourists with Catalan food which includes ‘surf and turf' sausage and squid. The restaurant's associated with Food Bank and UNICEF. The remaining food of the restaurant is packed in vacuums and distributed to a project initiated to vanish poverty and waste named as Barcelona Shares Food.

Fastvinic – a feasible sandwich cafeteria of Barcelona. Enjoy the delicious Catalan fast food with a glass of wine served at a temperature-control while your refuse recycled under energy saving LEDs.

Eco-friendly places to stay - here is lots of classy accommodation which are available at every level of budget. More than the affable prices, these accommodations are Eco-friendly too.

The Mas Salagros situated on the outskirts of Barcelona in Vallromanes. It takes just 20 minutes of time to travel there from Barcelona. It opened in July 2015 which is the best option to stay away comfortably from the turbulence and rush of the city. This is the first five-star eco-friendly resort in Spain to receive a European Bio Hotel certification. The thermal baths which also include red wine baths and the all organic vegetable garden, pigs and chickens a plus the roaming cows just provide the exact environmental friendly atmosphere. The hotel produces its own dairy products.

Another five star Meliã Barcelona Sarrià (melia.com) which is situated in the financial district of Barcelona comes amongst the most popular alternatives of tourists. Check out its own thrilling to cheese bar and has been certified from 2009, as a Biosphere Hotel.

The Input Hotel of Barcelona utilizing clean energy is a better choice too for travelers. This is a non-profit hotel with hot water from biomass boiler and enviable spot like Parc de Collserola which takes only 15 minutes by through train. This place is an ideal one to spend a vacation. The hotel has a 24hr restaurant and Monte del Tibidabo with an exotic poolside view and unique interior designing. It's just so amusing to find that the 99% of the staff is especially challenged and the hotel is one of its kinds. But the hotel is so well-managed that it simply going to bring a smile to one's face. The wheelchair access for the travelers is just impeccable.

Smart transportation - The city is just ideal for roaming with the wide and beautiful sidewalks of Av Diagonal; the eye-catching Gaudí architecture should not be spared to mention here which splashes around the whole city. The incomplete masterpiece of Gaudí architecture La Sagrada Familia is also one of the highlights of the city. If you want to make the vacation more thrilling, there are brisk yet pollution free ways to explore more

The extended web of bicycle trails, e-bike – Barcelona, is an ideal option for cyclist tourists to add more pleasure to their quest. The Barcelona e-bike rent does not only offers electrical vehicles but also provides city tour guides. They will show you more involute depictions of the most viable infrastructures.

Beer in Barcelona

Beer in Barcelona

The Roman City, Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia in Spain. Barcelona has traditional importance and had major fashion centers. The People of Barcelona many times attempted to change capital as a fashion capital. Barcelona is named for its entertainment too.

Barcelona is said for its vibrant and various bar - hopping. In many countries bars and pubs are set separately. One should feel like having a beer in forest wood along with watching the images of the Virgin Mary. Just remember not to enter the bars before 9.30; it is the time for the tourists to visit the bars. The actual enjoyment begins in the midnight in the bars. The People in Barcelona start their nights with drinks and see the vintage in the sunshine.

Tapas tours Tapas tour is famous for its cuisine and drinks. Visitors in Barcelona, confidently move out in the evening and order for the Tapas just like the local people. The people of Barcelona are habituated to taste the tapas regularly. Tapas tour is a short tour through the city by foot and explores some of the famous bars around

La Rambla. Barcelona is famous for bar hopping and for tapas hotspots. For any reason one doesn't have a tapas tradition nothing to worry, they can visit La Plata, where you can enjoy the fried fish, salad and sausage. Nothing to worry if it doesn't work out for anyone, there is Bar Celta, which is specialized with Galician tapas which includes gammon and octopus.

Grape Expectations La Vinya del Senyor is the oldest bar, facing to that is Santa Maria del Mar Church. The oldest bar is more lively and excited because the bar is on the terrace, so naturally the beer drinkers likes to have beer on the terrace and they feel lucky if they get a table in the upstairs. As the demand is increasing many new bars were coming to meet the demand with special attractions. The Technology showed its importance in booking even the bar tables. People are intimidated for the technology. The wine drinkers always need the delicious, very spicy cuisine because of the wine's bitter taste. Viblioteca is the best suitable place for the wine drinkers to accompany the wine with spicy cuisine.

Budget bars There are budget bars. Oviso is the best budget bar with your selected options and many colorful murals and had a facility of outdoor tables. Polaroid is best suitable for senior citizens with having a facility of comic papering and with pictures of film memorabilia on the walls. The Manchester , the name itself indicates this bar supply Manchester bands. This is a small bar and supplier of cheap beer. Barcelona is also in the line of eccentric. Sor Rita is famous for its attractations. The drinkers likes the pictures of the Virgin Mary and plenty of leopard skin. If one like to drink the wine with sandwiches they can step in Can Paixano to taste Pink Cava which is served in coupe glasses. Hay if you want the wine in Forest of Fairies just walk into the Bosc de les Fades to watch the indoor forest which is dotted with dim light and arm chairs and with trickling indoor fountains. The city has the oldest cocktail bars too. Boadas bar is the oldest bar, which is running since 1933.

After -hours One will feel free to enter the midnight bars. These bars are opened after the other bars are closed. The wine drinkers feel lucky enough to have after hours bars like Barcelona Pipa Club All the wine drinkers search their way to the bars regularly. The power of wine has that much strength to follow the people.

Taking alcohol regularly is not good for health so be sensible drinking.

Facts About Sagrada Familia Church

Facts About Sagrada Familia Church

Are you visiting Barcelona? Have a glance at La Sagrada Familia Church. Along with the awesome beauty of the building Architecture , look at its engrossing construction time.

Hey, how interesting to hear this, The Sagrada Familia Church is the oldest, and it has been constructing since 1882and the architects are anticipating to complete the Church by 2028. The Basilica and Expiatory Church, which was designed by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. This church was located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. A bookseller named Josep Maria Bocabella, was inspired after his visit to the Vatican City in the year 1872 and intended to build a church at Loreto. He began his work on an auspicious day that was on the festival of St. Joseph and with the raised funds he completed the apse( in architecture, the semi dome structure is a place for clergy's to sit.)Later Antoni Gaudi started his work and he was appointed as an Architect Director.

Engrossing Facts about the La Sagrada Familia Church:

Tourist place in Barcelona. The La Sagrada Familia church is 170 meters high (560ft) Every year, nearly three million people visit this church. One can see the three portals on the exterior appearance. The portals of Mercy, Faith and Hope. Along with the three portals one can see the tribute paid by Gaudi to the people who sacrificed their lives for this church. The awesome fact about this church is, the longer time to complete that is more than a century. History says that pyramids are time consuming, and nearly they take 20 years to complete.But Sagrada Familia Church is more time consuming than the pyramids, and Great Wall of China. The architecture designed this church on the swirling curves to appear naturally. One can see trees like structures, inside the church as the architecture shaped the supporting pillars as trees.

The architect to signify land and water, Gaudi shaped a turtle and a tortoise. In the year 1936, The La Sagrada Familia Church was set fire by the revolutionaries and the whole crypt was destroyed (where all the models and plans were saved). Fortunately, with the few saved models the construction was again started. The architect Gaudi developed latest techniques and taken all natural, geothermal, living , non living and unique objects to shape his church. He designed all the helicoidal columns with stars and its orbit. To facilitate the seafarers the Gaudi arranged all the highest points with glass mosaics which will reflect by the sun's rays in the daytime and moonlight in the night time.

The pretty amazing fact that there was a school in that church. Gaudi named that place as The Sagrada Familia School. The architect to facilitate the workers' children he started this school. Now in that school building there is an exhibition on the history of La Sargrada Familia.

Right now the La Sagrada Familia is having 8 towers, but when it will complete it will have 18 towers. Each tower has its own significance. A Major portion of the towers 12 out of 18 represent apostles, remaining towers will represent evangelists, Virgin Mary and the middle tower represent Jesus Christ. To pay the tribute Antoni Gaudi was buried in the La Sagrada Familia.