France the iconic tourist destination

France the iconic tourist destination

Everybody all across the globe knows France as a world-class traveling spot. France has all the travel variety that caters to people with diverse interests. It has museums rich with historical masterpieces. It has natural flora and fauna that gives the best view France can offer. It has a culture-rich past which goes all the way back even before the ancient Romans. For food and wine lovers, you will definitely be spoilt for choice with the vast selection of gourmet that goes with fine wine. It is often difficult to decide where to explore first as France contains many culture-rich towns and villages.

For a start, Paris, the capital of France, is a must-go for city lovers. You will deeply love Paris city at your first sight the moment you immerse yourself in the city. There will be no shortage of landmark tourist attraction in Paris. For instance, you can snap pictures with your loved ones right in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower. For romantic couples, you can consider strolling beside The Seine, a scenic waterway in Paris. For those with time to spare, you can always head down to Café Saint Regis for a lovely cup of coffee. Spending time in the magical bookstore can bring a wonderful experience to the avid book reader. Resting in Palais Royal Gardens brings peace to the traveler. For those who have a keen interest in palace structures, you can always head over to Versailles and tour around the area admiring the posh structures.

You can admire the lush French country house in Loire Valley. You can also admire the magnificent castles around Loire Valley. There will be many magnificent French structures for you to feast your eyes on. A one day tour around the castles would be perfect for any travelers. You can also enjoy the greenery and summer gardens at Chateau de Villandry during night time. For the more adventurous, you can always ride a bicycle beside the Loire Valley riverbanks. There is also a famous light show for those interested.

There are also many activities for travelers to do at the iconic French Riviera. Simply stroll around the lush beach and enjoy the sound waves. The art museums operate from day to night and they are also popular among tourists. Renting a car is a breeze if you want to circle the coastal road in style. Hiking enthusiasts can satisfy their hiking interest by exploring the ever lush Massif de l'Esterel.

Be ready to snap countless photos in Provence as every tourist spot is picture-worthy. The lighting in Provence is one-of-a-kind and a must to share with your friends. You can start off your tour around Marseille, a port with more than 1000 years of history. The museums located along the coastline resemble a movie set location with great ambiance and lighting. Cycling enthusiasts will not miss out on their cycling haven at the pinnacle of Mount Ventoux. Be ready to test your photo snapping skills at the gorgeous France canyon, the 800m deep Gorges du Verdon.

For those who fancy an awesome glass of sparkling white wine, Champagne, located in the northeast of France, is a must-go tourist destination. It is one of the few unique places where you are able to enjoy medieval paintings while sipping all forms of sparkling wine. There are multiple famous houses around Champagne. Tourists are sure to drink their hearts out in the city where kings were ascended to their thrones.

Brittany & Normandy, located at a windy north of France, is especially popular among tourists who love outdoor walks and also tourists who enjoy folklore histories and mysterious legends. Tourists are able to access the secluded island Month St-Michel by foot. Be sure to grab your windbreaker when cycling around the coast. The area is also filled with war cemeteries which will bring you back in time to appreciate the World War II era.

For those who love skiing, the French Alps is the place to go. Tourists can take up the challenge to ski around the mountain trails. It is a huge playground for those who loves outdoor skiing. Tourists are able to hop on the cable car right up to the mountain pinnacle from all seasons. The magnificent view is worth all the traveling time as it is breathtaking and majestic.

The essential items needed to complete a France tour includes: · Comfortable pair of shoes · French vocabulary guidebook · Lonely Planet's Paris City Guides Smartphone App · European two-pin plugs for charging your electronics · Umbrella and raincoats · Sunblock · Smartphone GPS app

Transportation is not an issue for getting around France. The main towns are mostly accessible via train networks. If you crave convenience and freedom, feel free to rent a car. You can easily travel to rural France with a rented car. Be ready to pay for tolls when using the expressways. Plan your traveling routes in advance to avoid any delays.

Be sure to check out the above places to start off your France tour. It will definitely be a memorable trip by covering at least the places as mentioned above, or else your France tour will not be complete.