Internations is a very large international community of expatriates and internationally minded people which covers the entire globe. Originating from Munich in Germany, new localised communities are forever being added to the repertoire of existing communities in places as far away as Auckland in New Zealand and diverse as Quito in Ecuador. It is a safe online haven for people who have removed themselves from their culture and country to be able to share ideas, to network and to support each other through local organised events and online activity.

Membership to the website begins at 5.95€ a month which allows unlimited access to all of the community events. You can join up to the website for free, but can only attend a certain number of events without paying an entrance fee or signing up for membership. Membership also makes it easier to connect with other members of your localised community through the website and to join different specialised groups also.

Events can take any form. There are monthly gatherings organised by local ambassadors appointed by the community, usually held in a relaxed and quiet bar, where expats can meet, greet and network with each other. After this, events become specialised through the use of interest groups. If you are a sports fanatic, there are different gatherings where you can meet other like minded expats for a game of badminton or a yoga class. For those who are more into food and culture, there are usually groups within each local community that focus on finding the best cuisine in the area and who arrange their meetings in restaurants and cafes to compare tasting notes. Other groups you can expect to find are book groups, music groups, film groups and even beer specialist and party groups.

While each member signs up to one local community, being a member of the website also allows them access to all the other communities worldwide, so if you like to travel a lot or have to commute frequently between two different cities, you will still have access to everything. Community members are always surprised and welcoming to any orphans attending an event from a different community or country and the creative and open-minded vibe that comes with the organisation makes everybody feel at home, no matter where they are in the world.

The website has many different features, all geared towards supporting people living out of their comfort zone. Members set up an online profile, not too different from a Facebook profile, which showcases their origins, the countries they have resided in, their current location and community, their languages and their nationalities. From the website, they are also able to see all of the planned events in any community around the world, and to RSVP to invitations. There are lots of pages with information and tips written by expatriates about moving to new locations, and a blog page with plenty of helpful information about living abroad, both localised and in general. There are online forums where members can discuss relevant topics such as careers, accomodation and local advice, and specialised guides to support people living in what can be a very alienating atmosphere.

The company was founded in 2007 by Malte Zeeck, Philipp von Plato and Christian Leifeld and it has become the largest global expat network with over 2.8 million members worldwide. There are communities in 390 cities and the number is constantly growing. Their mission is provide a welcoming community of open-minded individuals who share the experiences of fellow expats and to provide a secure space of useful advice from other people in similar situations and from knowledgable locals. The company hosts around 3500 events a month to improve the international communities of each of the cities they operate in.

Membership is initially free, but does require approval, which means that they can control the quality of the network. If you move around a lot, or if you have just moved to a new country or city, or if you just have a very open and international mindset and wish to meet other people who share this with you, have a look at the website ( and find out just how you can get involved.