Le Diner en Blanc at Paris

Le Diner en Blanc at Paris

Le Diner en Blanc occured in Paris, French, for the first time, in Summer of 1988. The founder of the idea was Francois Pasquier. He also let the guests bring their friends along to the party. Since then, as it spread from mouth to mouth, the community grows even larger every year. Last year, it is noted that 10,000 of people had attend this events on 2015.

At first, the point from Diner en Blanc actually is Pasquier's way to get reconnect with his friends after he came back from being abroad. At that time, maybe it's a little difficult to connect with each other and organizing to meet a lot of people. Right now, we can reconnect with our friend's very easy by social media and other online communication. So it makes all the changes for that point. Right now, Le Diner en Blanc is a very fascinating events which occur every year to enjoy the meal and wine together with a very lot of people.

What would make it very fascinating is; not like other usual dinner, there's a ‘rule' to attend this dinner party. All participants of Le Diner en Blanc have to wear white (yes, only white) and be dressed elegantly, so they can meet easily with each other. They also have to bring their own table and chair, table cloth, and napkins (in white, too). Also, they have to bring gourmet meal items, dinnerware, and wine by themselves.

On the other hand, Le Diner en Blanc attended in a very secretive way. Every participant didn't even know where the location of the events is. Until one day before, the organizer of this events will tell the location to the participant. The member also keeps events as a secret. This might be in reason to keep the tradition of the ‘spread the word mouth to mouth' from the 1st Le Diner en Blanc itself. In additional, to attend this party, someone has to be invited by the member of Le Diner en Blanc from last year.

This events occur in a public area, because there is no place can afford a very big mass doing this Le Diner en Blanc. Here is some of the places where Le Diner en Blanc had been occurred; Palais Royal (2015), Bridges of the Seine and the Invalides (2014), Trocadero and the Louvre (2013), Notre Dame, Places des Vosges and Versailles (2012), Cour Carrée du Louvre and Notre Dame (2011), Carrousel du Louvre (2010), Place de la Concorde (2009), The Champs-Élysées (2008), Arc de Triomphe/L'Etoille (2007), The Invalides (2006), Louvre-Palais Royal (2005).

There's a live music during the events, and the special thing is fireworks. After the dinner, they usually ended it with igniting fireworks. Imagining all of this things together; 10,000 people wearing all white, sitting, chattering, and eating at the wonderful place of Paris, viewing a beautiful scenery, the night light of Paris, sipping wine, and fireworks. What a beautiful and perfect night.

Oh, but don't forget, every party will leave a trash. They have to clean up all of their trash too. After the cleaning up, they went home at the same time, left the place empty like there's nothing ever happened.

These unusual phenomenon events of Le Diner en Blanc has attract a lot of people to join, not only local people of Paris, but also the tourists. Right now, the tradition of Le Diner en Blanc is no longer occur just in Paris, but has spread all over the world. They've been held in a lot of places like Miami, Chicago, Sydney, Toronto, Cape Town, Los Angeles, Moscow, etc.