Pleasure of hiking in Helgeland Norway

Pleasure of hiking in Helgeland Norway

Planning to do something adventurous this summer? Nothing can be more fulfilling than hiking and explore nature at its best. Summer days are much clearer and considerably longer, thus, the idea of hiking in Helgeland, Norway can never go down. On looking from a certain distance, the area appears unconquerable with the sky high hills covered with white snow. But going closer makes you believe that it's just a beautiful illusion.

The finely spotted pathways assist even new hikers to reach these mountains with an ease. There's plenty of space to rest your feet and body in the timing day trip in comfy cabins placed around the area.

The pathways

One can easily find the trails here by tracking the bright red ‘T's (the sign spots large pathways of Norwegian Trekking Association). One can get a detailed hiking gear list on the website of Norwegian Trekking Association and an illustrative map of the area from the tourist information centre from the biggest city Mo I Rana. Mo I Rana is the doorway of the Helgeland too.

The pathways pass through series of fast-flowing mountains with the smothering lakes beside them by the wildflowers meadows. The environment here is always like a rain-forest with sky-high mountain slopes heading directly towards to the gabber meadows. These stones are dumped by the glacier movements many years ago; some of them are spotted a hundred kilometres away back to positions.

Norway's population is considerably smaller according to its area. The country has the population of only 5 million whereas the area is extended up to 320,000 so km. It is not a surprise here to pass the whole day long walking alone. Infrastructures here are not so large in number. There are few man-made structures which come occasionally between a footbridge and a shack built in gabber years ago to help the travellers get shelter.

One should come extremely prepared to hike in Helgeland. It's a big amusement or better said a gift to find a pathway here.

Hiking Experts/Guides

Though the pathways are not too tough to be followed, but they better be walked along with an expert. Frank J. Persheim Langseth & Kulturformidling are famous and certified trainers of Helgeland. They can explain you about the plantation and animals around, real good. One has to be totally knowledgeable about safety, camping and shelters in the night to make the quest more enjoyable with safety. More importantly, a guide becomes much essential for the journey when deciding to go to a downtrodden track.

The highest apex of Northern Norway

The area is suitable for an all-day hike, most of the peaks are unmarked except cairns, and it mounts high at the top of Oksskolten which happens to be Norway's highest peak. The 1,916m high hill which flaunts itself alike a Bull's Head is often covered up with fog but when the clouds get apart occasionally, it builds up an inverse scenario to the lavishness of the ground around the lake. The scenario from the summit stretch into Sweden and the Okstind glacier on the other side intersects on to the lakeside ground.

Do not forget here to experience the most pleasant locations of all- the Okstind region. It is a horseshoe-shaped wide plateau west to the Oksskolten. Reach here with the help of a guide and feel the extremity of the silence of nature, the beauty of the surrounding gets enhanced with the chirping of birds and insects. All you are going to hear is the noise of footsteps and the rustling sound of the waterproofs covered with mist.

Places to stay

Apart from enjoying the pleasure of hiking and exploring Helgeland's incredible beauty, there are plenty of cheap accommodations with modern amenities to stay comfortably here. One can choose to go to the Scandic Meyergården hotel in Mo I Rana as a base. Hire a car and get to the most assorted and largest destination of the country i.e. the Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park where one gets the suitable place for camping. There are other various campsites around the area. One can also head to one of the most inherent places like Nina. It is a coastal village from one can get the conveyance to reach Tomma. It is a small island with the only peak which mounts up to 922m situated in the archipelago.

Rabothytta is the newest and considered the most alluring cabin here. Rabothytta is located at the Okstind glacier corner. One can access the area easily walking the path from Leirskardalen valley. Hikers on the way to Rabothytta from Leirskardalen valley gets to see overwhelming viewpoints in the trails. With ample of provision stores in the supermarket at Korgen and well-equipped kitchens of the cabin, one can enjoy the supper at its fullest with a gracious over-the-glacier viewpoint. Nothing can be more fulfilling than enjoying life in the lap of Mother Nature.