Sleepless in Sweden


There are many unique areas offered by Sweden and this is all thanks to the various structure of the landscape of the country. It offers vast lakes and forests and with the scape of the land, an inspiration for cutting edge designs in lodgings.

The Ice hotel is found near the village of Jukkasjarvi to the north of Sweden. This hotel is made from blocks of ice taken from the Torne River. The hotel displays ice suites that were individually carved by hand and features rooms and furniture created from ice. The works differ each year and this is a factor that helps to attract visitors. Visitors spend the night in Sweden military grade deluxe sleeping bags if they only have an overnight stay. The visitors that have extended stays are relocated to satellite bungalows. The bungalows offer the visitors a chance to view the northern lights form their skylights. The ice hotel is a winter only attraction that offers the services of their restaurant that serve only exquisite dishes on plates that are made from the same ice the hotel itself is also made from.

Sweden's leading architects are to be thanked for the design and construction of the tree hotel. This stricter is found off the ninety-seven route that lies to the west of Luleain. The structure is comprised of six unique treehouse constructions that are equipped with all unique and custom made furniture, fittings, and fixtures. The sauna and the bathroom are also custom made and is designed to reflect the eco-friendly theme of the entire complex. The hotel is suspended form the route by very old pines and hovers high above the ground. It includes a spaceship designed treehouse with retractable steps, a mirror cube design that reflects everything around it and a giant bird nest design. These are just half of what the hotel has to offer.

The Sala Silvergruva is located a hundred and fifty-five miles in Sweden's most important silver mine. The hotel offers a tour of the candle lit labyrinth of tunnels, underground caverns, and lakes. It boasts a vast banquet hall and provides you with a very cozy area cut in the rocks complemented by a champagne dinner. Your only outside link to the world is the small intercom radio that is installed in your area.

The Salt and Sill is Sweden's floating hotel. As the name suggest, thus is a hotel that floats on water. This construct is found on the island off Kladesholmen. This island is found to the west off the coast of Sweden. The hotel features six two-story buildings. They are designed in contemporary Scandinavian style with light rooms divided into bright areas. The hotel's namesake restaurant provides some of the best that is to be offered in seafood in that particular region. The hotel is tugged by a boat that boasts its own spa and it frequently venture out to sea.

The Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge is found near the Lake Skarsjon off Route 233. This is found in central Sweden and is the country's most primitive hotel. This hotel is geared at the lovers of minimalistic retreating. The hotel has no indoor plumbing, running water or electricity. The stove that is provided is a wood stove. The only source of water is a near-by stream and it has to be boiled n the wood stove. His stove is also where food is prepared and it is consumed in a communal dining hut designed in a Sami-style. The only bit of pampering that is provided by this minimalistic designed hotel is the rustic sauna.

The Jumbo Stay is the conversion of a seven forty-seven jumbo airplane into a hotel. The hotel is found at the Stockholm Arlanda airport. The pilot cockpit along with the black box room has been redesigned as luxurious suites. The rest of the airplane is designed in small room and snug dorms.

The Varghotellet is a hotel that is located next door Jarvzoo. This is a wildness animal park that is home to many of Sweden's Nordic animals. This may include bears, reindeer, muskoxen, lynx and wolves among another animal native to the country. This hotel is for the visitors that want to get up close and personal with the wild life of the country. The Gardsjo Elk Park is also a hotel that is much like the Varghotellet and is designed for the enjoyment of nature and wildlife. This is a self-contained cottage for two people that is found in the middle of Gardsjo Elk Park. It was once an 18th-century farm but has since been converted.

The Woodpecker hotel is similar to the tree hotel but it is a completely different thing. It is suspended above Vasteras's public park. To enter this hotel requires you climbing a rope ladder. The hotel provides no running water or electricity but they provide meals and water for its customers.