Tips from Italy


There is a magic that can only be found in Italy and this drives tourist to visit the boot-shaped peninsula year and year again. Visitors from all over the world come to visit the country on a yearly basis that can be totaled at over forty-five million.

The Italian people are very accommodating and are the protectors of some of the history's most magnificent pieces of treasures. They are familiar with sharing the greatness of their treasures with the world and have a few pieces of advice for visitors to their country.

To begin with, they serve dinner between the hours of seven thirty and nine in the evening. You will be plum out of luck if you try getting dinner before this time. Making reservations and dressing up for dinner is a custom appreciated by all and is welcomed at the Italian restaurants.

It is not Italian like to show a lot of skin and visitors should bear in mind that their culture is one that prefers more clothing and less skin in public. Skimpy attire is ok for a day at the beach but for every day touring of the cities more is better.

It may be customary for many visitors to be served read with oil and balsamic in their home land but this is not the case in an Italian restaurant. You have to keep in mind that bread is not eaten with pasta and it is more likely to be used to clean your plate of sauce.

You may feel the need to make a very detailed and outline schedule to enjoy your time in the country but this may only lead to frustration. It is advised that you not over schedule and keep some time free to just enjoy the everyday life of the country and its people. Everyday life of the country may be at times a lot better than the main attractions provided by the city.

There is a tradition in the country that many visitors just can't understand but you might fall in love with the tradition if you were to ever try it. Some of the stores in Italy close their doors in the evenings from one to about four o clock. They go home to have lunch and spend some time with their families. This practice is most common outside the city centers.

You will not be able to stand on the side of the street and hail a cab. The taxi service in this country is very punctual and efficient and you will have to actually call for a taxi or go directly to a taxi stand. The taxi service in some parts of the country is even more efficient than their postal service.

It may be very beneficial to you to learn a few Italian phrases while you are in the country. A phrase such as Parla I'Inglese? will come in very handy. You have to remember that this is a country that speaks Italian as its native tongue and not English. You should not assume that if you speak English you will be understood just because you are a foreigner.

Coperto is not a scam to take advantage of visitors to Italy, it is actually the charge to seat an individual at a table. It is not the same as tipping which is not required in Italian restaurants.

Italian restaurants believe that good food and conversation should be enjoyed and they will allow you to enjoy both in their restaurant. The check for you meal will not automatically be delivered to you after your meal but you will have to request for it to be brought to you.

You will not be able to see all that the country has to offer in only one visit. You may want to slow down and fully enjoy what you can each time around. There is a reason why so many people visit the country on a yearly basis. There is just too much to see, do and experience in the country that you are going to need a few tries to see them all.