Travel Experience Evolution from birth to maturity

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Since the day we are born, we have taken the first step in a long journey of traveling in this world. Our traveling priorities evolve and change as we age, hence our traveling needs will experience unique evolutions. We will start off by craving for the next bucket of new ice cream flavor. Soon enough, we will be anxiously looking for the next cocktail that comes with premium ice.

The first few travels that you experience when you are below the age of 10 will be with your family and relatives. The childhood days will be filled with family travels, camping trips, hotel stays at an overseas location eating foreign Chinese buffet and of course arguments that will be occasionally picked up along the travel. All this serves as good childhood memories. These trips are fun and enjoyable as all the hassle of trip planning is left to your parents. These memories will be some of the most treasured moments as you grow older and wiser and recollect your past memories. The places you travel to will not matter as much as the company that you are with, which are your loved ones and families.

As you enter into your teenage years, hormones start kicking in and the stress of exams bring out a need to relax and travel to a place away from parents. New friendships are forged among school peers and most of the teenage boys and girls would have the same thought of staying away from our parents for a short while. Parents may or may not approve the trip that you planned with close buddies. If the trip ever happens, it will be a once in a lifetime experience even if it is just a short drive out of town or fly out into exotic places such as Spain.

There will come a time where you grow up to become more independent and cherish the experience of solitude during your university years. Holidays with your close friends will be put on hold and now is the time to go solo for whichever reasons. Many will start to ponder doing something that adds value to society or fulfilling one's longtime desire, for example giving tuition classes to rural villages in India or picking up surfing in Australia. Traveling around the world solo will now be your main priority. Picking up odd jobs along your solo travel is seen to be an enriching experience that everyone must have. You will constantly be reminded to appreciate traveling as an awesome activity.

Once you reach your twenties and enter the employment force, you will be constantly planning for exotic trips such as hiking at remote mountains and performing bungee jumps across the continents to escape the mundane work tasks. Many will look forward to spending their annual leave at an exotic location and also actively share interesting travel spots with colleagues and peers. There might be some who will decide to take a break from their career and pursue full-time solo travel until they are fully recharged to enter back into the labor force.

The money will always be an issue when it comes to traveling while being in the labor force. The higher one climbs up the corporate ladder, the bigger one's bank account becomes but the lesser time one will have. You will be more lavish in your spending during your travels as time and convenience have become an important factor. You will miss the backpacking trips in the twenties but at the same time, you will be accustomed to the 5-star hotel service that one could afford at a premium price.

Once you find your soul-mate and settle down with kids, the traveling roles will be changed. It is time to plan for all family trips and ensure everyone, from the adults to kids are well taken care of by balancing their need for food and transportation. You may start to dread traveling but one should keep a positive frame of mind and give their best in providing the best family travel experience, like how you used to travel with parents. During your trips, you may be able to interact with like-minded families and exchange interesting stories and tips. These will be some of the side perks and motivation to keep moving on in search of the never ending traveling experience.

Everyone will undergo phases of change to their traveling needs and it is important to be flexible and always keep an open mind in order to get the best from every travel.