Traveling to UK on a shoe string budget

Traveling to UK on a shoe string budget

UK transportation is among the most expensive in the European region. Planning for your transportation is an important process when you plan for a trip within UK. With proper planning and research, it is entirely possible to work out a very good budget for travelling in the UK. The key step in every transportation ticket purchase is to actually Reserve your tickets early. This is true for all modes of transport from train tickets right up to air tickets. Ticket purchases made at the very last minute will definitely cost you an arm and leg.

Below are some of the tips to save money on travelling around the UK on every single mode of transport available:

1. Train Travel Many people love travelling by train as they are able to enjoy the outside scenery for long hours during their train ride. It is very convenient due to the wide train networks covering most places in the UK. Non-UK residents can consider looking at Britrail pass to fulfill their long distance travelling pass needs. There are many cheap train tickets on sale at Megatrain website as well as Virgin Train website. Be sure to do your homework researching the best train ticket deals at various train booking sites. Travellers were able to source for affordable tickets via researching on these train ticket booking websites. For example, a traveller was able to save huge amount of money by buying separate tickets for a round-trip from Chester to Edinburgh by actually getting tickets for journey from Chester to Warrington and then getting tickets from Warrington to Glasgow. The final ticket was purchased for journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh which completes the round-trip journey from Chester to Edinburgh.

2. Bus Travel There are advantages and disadvantages for travelling by bus. It is definitely cheaper compared to train travel. However, time taken for bus travel is usually longer. The bus interior may not be well maintained as well although generally all buses are clean and tidy which gives traveler a pleasant journey. If time is not an issue, feel free to check out the cheapest bus fares available from bus ticket booking sites such as Megabus or National Express. Booking a coach from Chester right up to London city center will only take at most 5 hours at a much cheaper cost compared to train tickets. Always book early whenever possible to get the cheapest bus ticket deals and always wear seatbelt on the bus for safety purposes.

3. Air Travel Air travel is usually not recommended as it requires longer travelling time and energy. However it is advisable to use air travel for travelling long distances such as travelling from London city to Aberdeen. Sites such as Kayak are useful to search for cheap domestic flights. Be sure to check individual UK airline's search flight functions at their websites in order to scout for the best deals. Keep in mind that many low-cost airlines fly at out of the normal timing and operate from far away local airports. Always ensure that cost of travelling from airport is taken into account. Avoid paying excessively for airport parking.

4. Other extraordinary Travel Choices Other than the 3 traditional travelling options above, there are other choices for travelers to explore. Firstly, you can always book a ride from ridesharing sites. Sharing will definitely save you a lot of travelling expenses. UK weather is also extremely conducive for taking long walks if you fancy walking from one end to the other. Last but not least, feel free to rent a boat and travel through the canals if you fancy boat travels.