Visit the Virtual Visions

Visit the Virtual Visions

Scandinavia , the home of the five countries is known for its variety experiences, where one can enjoy the mind blowing antique jeweler, paintings, artfully lamps and different dressing tables etc. The Brand station for the grown ups', is one of the vintage stores.

Some of the attractions about Scandinavia -

Colored Flaming Lights in Norway: · Norway, the way to the attractions of lights. The Northern Lights which are also known as Aurora Borealis, these lights can be seen in the Polar Regions. The lights can be displayed in the sky. The lights get the effect to display in the sky, where these effects were caused by the magnetic field of the solar wind. These lights turn on when the solar particles touch with the atmosphere, resulting of show colored flames.

Norway is famous for reindeer. Kids enjoy the trip to the Scandinavia to watch the Arctic reindeer. Norway is the world's largest population of reindeer found.

Denmark's Castles The 4 Royal Castles in Denmark are the greatest attractions for the tourists. These Royal Castles are well known for its architectural styles.

Castle of Amalienborg This castle is in Copenhagen, this is suitable for royal couple's winter halts. This castle is comprised with four uniform palaces surrounded with a large courtyard. The visitors can visit two palaces out of four. Christian VIII and Christian VII palaces. One can have a mind blowing architectural pieces to enjoy.

Kronborg Castle Kronborg Castle, which is near Helsingor, is between Denmark and Sweden. To facilitate the import and export the medieval kings used this castle to regulate their trade. The Helsingor is found in the Danish island of Zealand.

Fredensborg Palace This palace is located in the north of Copenhagen. This belongs to the 18th century. This Castle is used as official state banquets by the royal families. Royal couples also used this castle as a winter residence.

Christiansborg Palace This palace is home for the Danish Parliament, Supreme Court and the Prime Minister's working place. The north wing of the palace is allotted for the Reception Rooms and the Church and ground complex are also available for the Royal Families. One can see The Theatre Museum and two older castles in this palace.

Important Spots to Fika Like a Local in SoFo. Swedish has a tradition which is known as a Fika, which means let's eat some cake Swedish had a tradition that when they are discussing about life, politics or any other matter except work they discuss along with sipping a cup of coffee and having sweet treat, maybe chocolate or Kanelbulle buns. These are the two choices usually Swedish people had. Having a fika means spending time with friends and away from the work. So let us visit Sweden and taste the fika. It is not the time for you to read this article. It is the time for you to plan your trip to Sweden.

Pom and Flora This is a small café, where one can taste the delicious sandwiches and sweet treats. The café is very spacious and airy with high ceilings. Never miss the delicious cuisine where the taste remains for ever.

Skansen Park/Museum Stockholm is a place well known for its huge parks. It is very clear that no one can see such type of a park which belongs to 16th century which provides the facilities like a bakery, pottery shop and a tailor shop, where one acts as if the owner of the shop. Have you ever seen such type of a park. To feel like the owners visit that Skansen park. For animal lovers this is the best place where they can enjoy the forest environment where all the animals move with them and as it has historical attraction and restaurant inside the park gives more pleasure for the children. Visiting such park along with family gives more pleasure.

If you want to visit Scandinavia, which is home for 5 countries, which multiplies your pleasure with the exciting treasures.