Whale Expressway

Mediterranean Sea

Spanish Ministry of Environment is proposing a plan to build a special path across the Mediterranean Sea which will aim to preserve large sea animals such as whales from being harmed by the effects of oil extraction activity. The special route is more famously known as the "whale expressway" shall assist in whale conservation and also protect other endangered species in the coastal Mediterranean Sea next to Spain. Whale Expressway actual location will be situated between Spanish east coast, crossing over 3 island and national governments.

The Spanish Ministry of Environment has been actively pushing through plans to designate the route as a unique zone of protection. It was actually created by the environmental protection convention held in capital Barcelona, with the sole purpose of halting all sea polluting activities by countries around the zone.

Once the plan is given the green light by the Spanish government, all exploratory extraction by oil and gas drilling companies will be halted completely in the area. Should the plan go ahead, this will signify an important milestone win for environmental campaigners. This is because they have been fought a long battle to end the venomous oil and gas extraction activities. It is a known fact that the oil and gas extraction activities are forms of destructing activities and harmful to the seabed creatures.

A well-known planner with a campaign group and an opposing force to the oil and gas exploratory and oil extraction companies, formed by a bunch of group collaboration, including other national area government, has commented that the Spanish Environment Ministry's plan is a warning to companies that their exploratory oil and gas extraction activities are not feasible. This is because, from an environmental perspective, the damage to ecosystem far exceeds the profits from the projects. The general manager for coastal sustainability association had confirmed that the special route plans are on track.

In accordance with an independent Spanish news agency, the European Commission has provided full support to the plans. The director for the environmental agency mentioned that it had given approval for a reinvigorated plan for rehabilitating and protecting marine species. It is an important progress towards finalizing the cross-border heads of agreements for marine ecosystem preservation. At the next Convention meet-up to be held in Spain's capital, countries located beside the Mediterranean Sea will be sending in their respective representatives to debate on the special expressway plans.

Seasoned campaign followers for animal special rights are generally upbeat on the news. However, they are also concerned that the proposal might be too late in assisting large numbers of sea creatures. De facto leader of Spain's animal legal entitlement non-partisan party had provided information to independent Spain daily that Spanish oil and gas companies should cease all oil extraction and proceed to pay dedicated full attention to renewables, clean and environmentally friendly energy source. She had also lamented that the proposal is long overdue. This is because all forms of oil extraction activities are already long in operation beside the Mediterranean beaches and coasts. The ongoing oil extraction activities had already made an adverse impact on the whales by polluting their food source. It was reported that the ruling party in Spanish Government that initially rejected the wonderful plans of creating a whale haven just away from the beautiful island.

A large variety of whales calls the Mediterranean their private homes such as majestic sperm whales. Many other endangered species also resides around the coastal areas. The more uncommon killer whales have been sighted regularly by beach goers. They are revealed to be a "visiting species" due to random uncommon sightings.

All in all, this should give campaigners a reason to cheer and it is the first step towards sea ecosystem protection. It is never too late to start now and begin the long process of saving out the beautiful ocean and its inhabitants.