Europe - most happening worldwide

Europe - most happening worldwide

Europe is a place which is full of happening things be it entertainment, politics or any type of events. If a person visits Europe, he has so much to discover as people there love to enjoy their lives. There are lots of events going around in a year that a person can enjoy them whenever he visits Europe. The various events are:

1) Cooper hill cheese rolling - It is one of the annual event in spring bank holiday, held at cooper hill in England. It was the event for the local village but now people from all over the world participate in it. Even the winners are from the people who come from outside as it is a traditional and fair game without any management taking its responsibility.

2) El Concurs de Castells - it is another best competition that is held in Spain. Being one day program it is enjoyed a lot by the people and is scored by its difficulty level.

3) La Tomatina - it is the finest event as it just have no rules and one just need to enjoy it to the fullest. It is the festival which brings people together and is a battle of throwing the tomato on each other. It takes place in Bunol.

4) Blessings of the animal - it is the event which is celebrated on the feast day of St Anthony Abbot, patron saint and the protector of animals. In it, the animals from all over are invited in the open air along with the pet animals. Here the free checkup is there for all of them from veterinarians.

5) The Aberdeen Santa run - it is a 6km run along the coast in the first week of December with all participants wearing Santa clothes. More than thousand people participate in the event and is covered by the local channels. It is becoming better and bigger as the years are coming.

6) Hogmanay - It is an event celebrated on the New Year eve and across the whole country. The event varies according to the scale in which it is celebrated. If it is on the large scale then there are open air concert, fireworks, and street parties while if it is limited to dinner dances and parties held in the neighborhood.

7) Haro wine festival - it is the event which takes place in the mountain rocks. These mountains are the pilgrimage spot so people collect there and then after prayers there would be feast or people will get rowdy and start throwing wine at each other and enjoy on Europe music. So thousands of tourists who are lucky climb the mountain and enjoy the fest. It takes place on 29th of June every year.

8) Krampus - It is celebrated in Krampusnachtis on St. Nicholas day eve in northern Italy, Austria and also other parts of Europe. It is the festival to terrify children and adult by using torches, costume of devils and carousing around the street. Even the Europe celebrities come there to enjoy this.

9) Regatta del Befana - celebrated in Venice, it offers entertainment to all the adults and children. In it, there are lots of sweets, fun and tradition too. Celebrated in January it is a timeless celebration of epiphany in the essence of the city.

These are the event which has no comparison and is celebrated with the lots of enthusiasm. They are the one which is the part of Entertainment News in Europe. Apart from this, there are other events to which are local and takes place from time to time. There are also many trending insights in Europe which can be the thing of tourist attraction. Rest the cities of Europe are enough for people to enjoy their life. The places like London, Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Rome and Vienna are among the most visited places. They have the lot of places to visit and enjoy apart from the festival celebrated there. People in Europe enjoy their lives to the most along with their work. It is the thing that is loved about this place and makes this place unique in it. Lots of facilities are also made available for the people visiting the place so that they have no problem enjoying the events. One should always visit this place once and should enjoy its beauty.

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Europes best amusements

Europes best amusements

It is a continent in the western part of Eurasia which is bounded by oceans from three of its side. So the people here don't have many options to enjoy their life but still among it they find their solution to live their life to their fullest. There are many places to amuse yourself like-

1) Universal Island of adventure- it is a place of amusement for the whole family along with children. It has lots of rides of water for amusement and the best place to be with the family in free time.

2) Discovery cove- It is the place in Florida where a person can swim and rest in the rays of the sun. They can enjoy the silence of the place and can also swim with the dolphins. It is a good place to rest the soul.

3) Magic kingdom- it is the place for a party and especially for the children. It is the place where they get their favorite cartoon character with whom they can enjoy. It is a place where the parties like Christmas and New Year are enjoyed on a large scale and with lots of fun and amusement.

4) Universal studios Hollywood- Situated in Los Angeles, it is a place to roam around and enjoy the weekends with friends.

5) Disney's Hollywood studios- A place which has thrills in it for people of every age. For children, there are rides which have less thrill level and for adults it is full of thrill.

6) Universal studios Florida- another place to party with family and friends situated in Florida. It also has a place to dine with them and enjoy the time together.

7) Europa park- It is the place which is the benchmark for all themes parks. It has so many rides that cannot be available in any other place. It has the fastest roller coaster in the world.

8) Disneyland park- It is the park which is not only enjoyed by the children but also by the people of all age. It is the place where even the adult starts behaving like kids and go to their childhood times.

9) Beto Carrero World- Beautiful place for both adult and children with a lot of attraction like rides and shows. There are so many of them here that one cannot enjoy them all in one day.

10) Port Aventura world- another place for adventure in Spain with rides for all ages. The rides are from the age of 2 years to 82 years. It is the best place where the money pent is best paid off.

11) Disney's animal kingdom- the pace where the animals of every spice can be found. There is the facility to do the safari in them, so it is a great place to enjoy.

12) Tivoli gardens- a nice and a good place to spend time with loved ones. Not visiting this place will let you lose an important place uncovered from a trip.

13) Disneyland park- a place for amusement with a lot of themes created inside to visit and amuse oneself. A good place for children to enjoy and play.

14) Sea world Orlando- the place where one can come to know about the various animals of water. All type of information related to the aquatic life is present here.

15) Epcot- It is a place of attraction for the tourist due to its lightening and the place. A good place to visit with friends and family. The evening spent here can be the best thing of the life.

16) Universal studios Singapore- a place which is in the dream of all the people. It is the place which is loved by the adult more than the kids. There is one ride after another and lot of things to see inside. A day spent here is the best thing which a person can imagine of.

Like them, there are lots of places which people can enjoy. A person can go to any of these places whenever they find time from their busy schedule. It is the place which will not only increase the love between them but also will let the mind of a person refreshed. Visiting all these places add spice in the life of a person

Castles to see while visiting Romania

Castles to see while visiting Romania

Bran Castle 

Most known for its connection to Bram Stokers character, Dracula, the castle draws in around half a million tourists each year. While the original vampire is pure fiction, and the author has never even visited Romania before or after writing his book, Bran Castle is still marketed as Dracula's castle because of a supposed link to Vlad the Impaler. The notoriety surrounding this historical figure provides just enough sense of wonder for people visiting and sets the castle apart from the others, with its intriguing local and international lore. Setting myths and local legends aside, Bran Castle is also a beautiful sight to see.

Residing majestically on top of a cliff, it pays respects to medieval architects and military strategists. Close to the beautiful city of Brasov and being guarded by the Bugegi Mountains from the east, Piatra Craiului from the Vest, make this not only one of the most interesting fortresses in Romania but also a perfect wallpaper image.

Bran castle has been functioning as a museum of history and feudal art since 1956. The castle was only closed during 1986 to 1993 due to restorations. When the state lost possession in favor of the rightful heirs, it moved some of the art and historical artifacts away. However, the new owners realized the importance and impact the castle has on Romanian tourism and decided to keep it available for tourists, and even redecorated with personal family memorabilia.

Peles Castle (in photo)

Fitting for a country with such architectural beauty, that not far from Dracula's Castle, a mere 44km away from Brasov stands another impressive structure once home to kings now, turned museum. Although it had its share of bad days during the communist period, once the democratic regime came to power after 1989, the castle undergone restoration work and was declared a national heritage site, before being opened to the general public. Some estimates put the cost of construction (without any restoration work) at approximately US$ 120 million, in modern day terms.

It was commissioned by King Carol I of Romania (1866-1914). Peles Castle is known as the royal summer residence. After 1900, a new floor was added to the original building, bringing the room total to 160 and over 30 bathrooms. The 3400 sq ft castle was once the home of one of the most important painting collections across Europe, as well as over 4000 European and Asian pieces of weaponry dating from the 14th to 17th century period. Only 35% of it is opened to tourists but there are still plenty of things to admire.

Peles Castle is surrounded by several smaller building, all built at the same time. The most notable of them all being the power plant. This allowed the castle to be the first in the world fully powered by electricity. The smaller Pelisor Castle is used as a presidential residence while the rest have been turned into hotels or restaurants to cater to the many visitors.

Corvin Castle

This is a structure built in the 15th century on orders from Ioan of Hunedoara, a ruler known for valiantly defying the Ottoman Empire, during his time. It covers an 8000sq ft area, with 42 rooms, two terraces, and two bridges. The main access point is a wooden bridge supported by four stone pillars anchored in the Plastic River. The gothic architectural style makes it look very appealing while the cannons remind visitors that this is still an imposing military structure.

There are quite a few folk tales about events that took place in this castle. From housing the notorious Vlad the Impaler to executions and torture of prisoners of war, or a monk spy being buried alive in a wall of a small tower, there are many eerie things that add authenticity to the castle. Unlike more modernized historical sites, Corvin Castle is one of those places preserved more carefully, with great attention to detail and no additions that spoil the original version of the building.

Probably because of so many tales that can't be confirmed or denied by anyone, the castle became the host on two occasions for paranormal tv shows. This combination of mystery and well preserved structural detail are what make the Corvin Castle unique.

Karoly Castle

Located in Carei, this two story 17th-century baroque castle with over 40 rooms started out as a house for the noble Karolyi family. The improvements in construction were designed to make the residence more defendable against the Ottoman threat. From home to garrison (occupied by Nazis), from sanatorium to high school this building is filled with rich and troublesome history.

The castle has three permanent exhibits consisting of 18th-century furniture, South African trophies, and local artifacts. While the décor on the inside makes people feel like stepping into a world hundreds of years into the past, the outside is not at all less impressive. Karoly Castle is surrounded by a majestic dendrological park which makes the entire area an amazing sight to visit during warm seasons.

Even though it is one of the more modern type buildings, it is not without its share of legends. From secret tunnels and walled off cellars filled with Nazi gold, there are plenty of things to learn from the elderly locals, always eager to tell tales and keep the mysteries surrounding the castle, alive.

Europe and its unique places for tourists

Europe and its unique places for tourists

Europe is a place which is on the top list of most of the tourist. It has so many places presents which are unique in themselves. So if you know a person planning a trip to Europe in 2019, then these cities can be the most vibrant to visit.

1) Rome - It is an eternal city with a little history known. It is a great place for the tourist as it has the mysterious Vatican City and the ghosts in colosseum. It has variety as climbing on the mountain top of St. Peter basilica, enjoying Sunday morning shopping at Porta portese. It is a great place with lots of food options also there to enjoy.

2) Paris - it is a place which has one of the things from Seven Wonders of the World i.e. Eiffel tower. Apart from it, the place is filled with museums, monuments, and churches to enjoy and roam around. The sidewalk café are also the thing that attracts and are enjoyed by the people.

3) London - the place loved by most and is also the center for studies as has many colleges present here. But when it comes to exploring the things around the British museum, tower of London and music at Leicester square are the most visited place. The gorging at the local pub on fish and chips is also part of it. It is a little expensive place but is worth visit place in Europe.

4) Florence - among all the places it is the most authentic place in Italy. It is a place for renowned museums, places with stunning architecture and then moth watering cuisine. But the thing which can't be neglected is the admiring Michelangelo David and the mountain top of Duomo.

5) Barcelona - This city has a lot of variant in it and collection of old and new architecture. The things which should be seen are Gaudi's parc guell, la sagrada Familia, La seu and Montjuic castle. And if a person is not interested in roaming around these places then one can also rest on the beach and enjoy the food there.

6) Amsterdam - it is the place for visitors to relax and enjoy. The thing which is most enjoyed here is the coffee shop. The most common activity which is enjoyed in this place by both locals and visitors is bike ride and stylish galleries. They are so much wonderful that they attract people to come here again and again.

7) Prague - it is a place which looks alike the fairy tale and is the place of most attraction for people of all ages. The music that is loved by people here is contagious and is a great place compared to other captivating European destinations.

8) Berlin - it offers the visitor the lesson of history with holocaust memorial and remnants of cold war. It has a lot of urban charm in itself along with the fabulous nightlife, cuisine, fashion that makes the trend and the modern museum.

9) Venice - it is a romantic place to visit with rides down the grand canal. Though it is the city of water and romance but all kind of people can come here as there are things for their enjoyment too. this city has a lot of theaters, historical sites, churches and lot of eatables

10) Vienna - the city of music and monarchs with palaces present in there. It is also a great place for the people who love art and there is also a museum of modern art.

11) Monaco - the place of wealth and youngsters as it has a casino for the visitors to enjoy and bet their money. It is a great place for enjoyment.

12) Madrid - it is a place which is cheap and easy for navigation. If a person is interested in knowing the local culture, then this place can teach you the same.

13) Istanbul - it is such a part of Europe that did not completely in Europe but has its half in Asia too. It is the place which can tell you about your ability to bargain in grand bazaar.

Thus, Europe comprises of such great cities which different things present at different places for people to enjoy. It is a complete package if one wants to travel and enjoy the events.